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Cut sections provides a clear view about the internal layout of the furniture and orientation. It helps to get the complete idea about the internal furniture layout of the project. It is widely used by the builders for their brochures which help their clients to understand the interior layout and plan of the building. Architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals can use 3D cut sections/floor plans to illustrate where different furniture pieces should go or how space can be utilized.

3D Power helps you to visualize your apartment or high rise apartment, where you no longer need to wait for completion of the project to get the actual feel of the place. It is the most effective tool for showing a property's layout, size, dimensions and spatial relationships. This concept is widely used by builders/realtor's/architects to market their property development before it is even constructed! 3D walkthroughs usually begin with the panoramic depiction of the external features of your township that include landscaping, roads and exterior surroundings in general. The exterior view of the building shows the facade where structure, architecture, materials and design can be understood. Whereas its interiors explain the textures, colors, light intensity, light illumination from different fixtures and reflection of light from different objects in the room.